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Choosing a Paleo Meal Delivery Service: 4 Things to look for

Posted on: 3/05/2018

Their ad says it’s paleo, and you can order their meals quickly online, but is that good enough? Choosing a paleo meal delivery service may require you to look beyond the colorful commercials and flowery phrases. Not all paleo meal delivery services are created equal! These are a few points you should consider before deciding to sign up for one.

1. Food Quality and Safety

Look for high-quality food, not just that it’s paleo. Check the quality of ingredients used. Are they using fresh and all-natural meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables? The paleo diet is all about eating the way we were meant to eat, designed by nature. Our hunter gatherer ancestors did not consume vegetables that are covered in pesticides. They did not eat artificially processed foods. You should check for these things before ordering your meals.

tomatoes and carrots

One more thing you should take into consideration when deciding to sign up for a paleo meal delivery service is the taste. Sticking to a diet can be easier when you enjoy what you’re eating. Does the service offer a lot of variety? Is there some flexibility and the option to customize your meal plan?

Paleo Power Meals does both of these things, and we'll never compromise on taste and value, so you know you’re getting clean, healthy, delicious food every single time.

2. Transparency in Their Food Sources

Is the paleo meal delivery service willing to share where they source their ingredients from? This is of utmost importance. There's no point in eating paleo food that was irresponsibly sourced from a low-quality provider who doesn't have sustainable practices. Where the food comes from is crucial.

For instance, the paleo diet uses grass-fed beef and not grain-fed. This is not simply because cows naturally eat grass, but also for health reasons. Grass-fed beef has more antioxidants and contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a type of fat that prevents weight gain. Grass-fed beef also has better fat quality and is rich in vitamin K2, which is essential for heart and bone health.

cows grazing

The fish used in paleo dishes – like salmon – should be wild-caught and not farm-raised. Diseases and infections can spread rapidly in a fish farm environment. To prevent this, farm-raised fish are treated regularly with antibiotics which may be harmful to the people eating them. Wild-caught fish is antibiotic-free and not exposed to certain chemicals that farm-raised fish are treated to.

Paleo Power Meals only utilizes primal products. We do not take the terms grass-fed, wild-caught, cage-free, and free-range lightly. We provide transparency and full disclosure. We only get ingredients from trusted sources who provide high-quality paleo products — you can read about them here.


3. Customer Reviews of Their Food and Service

Are the customers satisfied with their service? What do people say about them on Google and social media? One way to verify a company’s integrity is through the feedback their customers gave about their products and service. Check out what other people are saying before you spend money on it.

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4. Responsibility to the Environment

Is the paleo meal delivery service taking their responsibility to the environment seriously? As consumers, this is also our obligation, and we should all make it a habit to support companies who are sourcing sustainably.

For instance, consider the food’s packaging. Is it reasonably eco-friendly? Too much waste is produced daily and we don’t want to contribute to that. Let’s do our part in helping the environment.


Paleo Power Meals use an eco-friendly cooler and only get ingredients from partners who practice and promote sustainability.

Convenience and claims of being paleo should not be the only basis for choosing which meal delivery service to order from. Look for a company that only gets their ingredients from trusted suppliers who produce clean paleo products. Check out what people are saying about them. Product and service reviews are always helpful. Finally, make sure they are practicing sustainability and taking good care of the environment.

Paleo Power Meals takes food seriously. We want our clients to have the best paleo meals made from only premium ingredients. We want to help America eat healthy and eat clean. Do you want to improve your health? Take the first step and try our meals today.