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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Posted on: 15/05/2018

Traveling is harder on the body than most of us expect it to be. Long drives, plane rides, packed schedules, time differences, and limited access to the food you’re used to all make it more challenging to stick to your regular nutrition. To hopefully make things a little easier on you, here are six tips for eating healthy while traveling.

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

#1 Prioritize Protein

There are a few reasons why, if nothing else, you should make sure your protein intake is sufficient. For starters, protein gives you energy and keeps your immunity up. It helps keep your blood sugar levels stabilized, decreases brain fog, and helps you concentrate better and for longer. Plus, it’s needed for literally every cell in your body to do its job.

Additionally, protein helps keep you full — an absolute must on long trips.

Before you chow down on carbs, aim for chicken, fish, eggs, and healthy dairy.

Chicken and Brocolli

#2 Eat Small Portions Frequently

While traveling, it’s all too easy to go for long periods with no food, and then sit down at the end of a hectic day to scarf down an enormous meal. While that meal might feel amazing after starving all day, your body isn’t loving it.

Going too long without food can wreak havoc on your metabolism and energy levels, especially if you’re not used to such hunger. Keep tiny snacks on you that you can easily munch on throughout the day, even if only for the sake of staying satiated.

#3 Get Your Meals Delivered

Eliminate the work entirely and have your meals delivered to your front door by a meal prep delivery company. Paleo Power Meals uses only fresh food responsibly sourced, and we can ship anywhere in the United States. Don’t sacrifice your nutrition just because you’re on the move.


#4 Stop at a Store, Not a Drive-Thru

If you have a fast food joint to your left and a grocery store (or even convenience store) to your right, go right! It’s hard to resist temptation at the fast food restaurant, and your options are so limited. Avoid it all together and opt to fuel your body properly, and your travels will feel so much easier.

#5 Bring Liquids

You don’t drink plenty of water just to fend off hunger. You also do it to avoid fatigue. Some research says just a three-percent loss of body weight due to a lack of water can lead to a 10-percent drop in performance! In other words, if you forget to drink water even just for a few hours, it could affect everything — from your hunger levels to your energy to your focus.

#6 Plan Ahead to Eat Out

At some point, you’ll probably end up at a restaurant. Such is the nature of traveling. At the very least, though, you can eat out prepared with knowledge of the healthiest options. One way to do this is the EmFit Challenge, which specifies healthy food items on more than 20 restaurant menus, so even when you’re eating at a restaurant, you can stay on track with your nutrition goals.

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