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Paleo Meal Prep Tips Anyone Can Follow

Posted on: 7/05/2018

Starting the paleo lifestyle is easier than you think, although you will still need to make some changes. Getting into the diet can feel overwhelming for some people at first (as with any other diet), but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s not really that hard to maintain. The paleo diet utilizes plenty of good, clean food and unlike most diet trends, this lifestyle (read: not really a "diet" at all) does not encourage calorie counting. This means you’re not bound by the usual strict diet rules and you can have your fill of great-tasting, paleo-friendly dishes. Allow us to help you eat clean and live healthy, and let’s dive into one of the most important aspects when you go paleo: paleo meal prep.

Paleo Basics

The paleo diet is all about eating real, natural, and wholesome food – the same types of food our ancestors from the Stone Age consumed. At Paleo Power Meals, this means cage-free eggs, free-range chicken (not caged), wild-caught seafood (not farm raised), red meat like grass-fed beef (not grain-fed), organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, natural oils, and natural sweeteners. The source of the ingredients matters. Look for suppliers that provide paleo-friendly foods and practice sustainability.


Living the paleo lifestyle means saying goodbye to unhealthy processed, boxed, or packaged products found on most supermarket shelves. The paleo diet also does not include refined sugar, refined carbs, legumes, dairy, grains, and vegetable oils.

How to Make Your Meals Paleo-Friendly

Going paleo doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life without your favorite dishes. You just have to be resourceful. This means finding healthy food alternatives for your paleo meal prep. Here are some examples.

Almond Milk or Coconut Milk Instead of Regular Milk

If you drink cow's milk, you might find the elimination of dairy a bit challenging. Rest assured there are alternatives that are delicious and nutritious. Instead of using cow's milk, you can make use of almond or coconut milk.

Almond milk is known to help maintain blood pressure. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is low in cholesterol, which makes it good for the heart. It's also rich in riboflavin, which is great for regulating muscle strength and development.


Is coconut milk paleo? Yes! Coconut milk can help lower cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure. It's also rich in MCT fatty acids which can help increase energy and enhance physical performance. This milk substitute will make you feel satiated so you’ll crave snacks less.

Ghee or Coconut Oil Instead of Butter

Butter is dairy, so you can’t use it for your paleo meal prep, but you can replace it with ghee, a type of clarified butter which is produced by heating butter longer to remove the milk solids. Ghee is rich in vitamin E and K and is casein- and lactose-free.

Coconut oil is also an excellent alternative. You can use it for frying your food and for baking. It is rich in natural saturated fats which helps increase good cholesterol and promotes heart health.

Sweet Potatoes Instead of Regular Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain fiber, vitamins A and C, manganese, riboflavin, and a ton of other important nutrients our bodies need. You can turn this versatile food option into delicious and nutritious snacks like fries, hash browns, and even pancakes. The possibilities are endless.


Raw Honey Instead of Sugar

Refined sugar is a paleo meal prep no-no. Sweeten your meals naturally with raw honey instead. Honey tastes delicious and is also rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Spaghetti Squash or Zucchini Instead of Pasta

Getting into the paleo diet doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favorite pasta dishes. Instead of using store-bought, grain-rich spaghetti or pasta, you can opt to use zucchini or spaghetti squash.

Spaghetti squash is full of vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and high in fiber. It aids in fat loss and will help you maintain healthy bones and heart.

Zucchini is a high source of antioxidants and vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties to help improve heart health.

Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate

There are a wide variety of paleo-friendly confections you can opt for to satisfy your sweet cravings. If you’re a fan of chocolate desserts, you can go for dark instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and it tastes great too!


You can still eat your favorite foods when you go paleo. All you have to do is find the right substitute for your usual ingredients. Make your paleo meal prep more fun! Whip up a wholesome, healthier, paleo-friendly version of your favorite dish or create new delicious recipes.

Planning, cooking, and preparing your meals (not to mention the monster clean-up after) is a lot of work — we feel you! Let Paleo Power Meals help. Check out our menu today.